Yamaha RX-V577 7.2-channel Wi-Fi Network AV Receiver Review

7.2-channel Wi-Fi Built-in Network AV Receiver supporting advanced features like AirPlay, Music Streaming services, HTC Connect, AV Controller App and Wireless Direct.

Product Features

  • Wi-Fi CERTIFIED and Wi-Fi Direct
  • 7-ch surround receiver with Bi-amp capability
  • Zone B speaker output and dual subwoofer output
  • Spotify, Pandora and vTuner Internet radio streaming services
  • AirPlay and HTC Connect device streaming

2 responses to “Yamaha RX-V577 7.2-channel Wi-Fi Network AV Receiver Review”

  1. randymachoman "rimes" says:

    awesome I purchased this a few days ago to replace an Onkyo TX-NR609 that stopped outputting sound a few months ago, after just 2 years. I can’t speak to the v577’s long term reliability, but the sound quality and features are terrific.The wifi is great and way more useful than I thought it would be, particularly if you are using Airplay. You can play songs from your iphone directly to the receiver, using the music player, itunes, pandora, and any other app that supports airplay. You can even set it so that the receiver will turn on and start playing if you stream a song to it from the phone. Great feature, and all the internet radio stations available through the wifi are a huge plus too. One thing you can’t do (as far as I can tell) is stream video from your phone, for example from the youtube app, which would be nice.Second, the Zone B feature is killer because it outputs audio from digital inputs as well, i.e. audio coming in through HDMI. Unlike other…

  2. Prego says:

    Be aware of the true power specs I bought this to replace my Onkyo since I wanted a little more power – I read the power spec on the yamaha main page (same as what is posted on Amazon’s description as well) and thought it would go well with my existing speakersUpon turning it on at 80% volume I noticed a lot of distortion in the sound – made me go back to the spec to read the fine print – that is when I started noticing a lot of other numbers in the manualI had come to assume that all manufacturers are rating their outputs at the spec of below 0.1% THD, 2-ch, RMS but it turns out that Yamaha and a few other manufacturers are in a race to claim who has the max power – and in the process, they are forced to quote numbers that would not apply in every-day listening – so watch out what you are buying and how much power you are really gettingThe V577 might output a max 70W below 0.1% THD – compare this to my 10-year onkyo which can output 100W at below 0.08% THD – but Yamaha can claim…

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