Sony BDV-N8100W 5.1 Channel 3D Blu-ray Disc Home Theater System with Wireless Rear Speakers

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Experience Entertainment like you’re actually there with Sony’s best Blu-ray home theater system. 3D Movies3, TV and sports come alive with thunderous floor standing speakers and wall-shaking surround sound that sets up in minutes. Plus, easily connect your smartphone with one-touch Bluetooth pairing1 to start streaming your music instantly. With built-in Wi-Fi access blockbuster movies, shows, music, and more-right on your TV2. BDV-N8100


A Simple, Integrated, and Powerful movie theater experience at home

Bring the movie theater experience home with the Full HD 1080p8 Blu-ray Disc player, vibrant 5.1 channel HD surround sound2, a 7” heart-pounding sub-woofer and 1000 Watts of power to immerse you in sound and stunning video.

A premium 5.1 channel surround sound experience that you’ll love

Prepare to rock the house with the system’s 5 speakers and sub-woofer. 2-way, 2-driver front speakers provide sound from the lowest lows to the highest highs. The 2-way, 3-driver center channel speaker provides crystal-clear dialogue so you’ll never have to strain to hear what an actor said. Last but not least, two wireless rear speakers provide a surround experience so good that you’ll think you’re in the movie. Encore!

Built-in Wi-Fi2 for easy setup and unlimited streaming choices with the Sony Entertainment Network

Connect to the internet without the hassle and clutter of network cables with Built-in Wi-Fi. With the Sony Entertainment Network, you’ll never run out entertainment options with access to 100+ streaming services including movies, TV shows, and music from Amazon Instant Video, Netflix, YouTube, HuluPlus, Pandora and more2. Also, access apps specifically designed for your TV including Health and Wellness apps.

Connect & stream music from Bluetooth devices with
just one-touch

The easiest and fastest way to start streaming music from your NFC enabled device to your home theater system. Utilizing Near Field Communication and Bluetooth, connect and wirelessly stream music1 from your smartphone or tablet by touching them together just once. No NFC, no problem…you can still connect and stream music18 from your smartphone, tablet, or computer via Bluetooth.

Make your movies more entertaining with 3D conversion & DVD HD upscaling

Enjoy 3D Blu-ray Disc movies3 in Full HD 1080p and upscale the visual quality of DVDs to HD quality9. In addition, bring the 3D experience to your entire movie collection with the system’s ability to convert 2D Blu-ray and DVDs into 3D movies7 for a stunning experience.

TV SideView enables you to
enjoy multimedia from your Tablet on your TV

With the free Sony TV SideView app., you can “Throw” (display) your videos, pictures, and music on your TV from your tablet11. Also, control the player remotely with a Sony Tablet, Android device, iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch.

Additional Features

More connections mean more options with multiple HDMI ports.

To give you more integration flexibility with your other entertainment devices, the system features dual-HDMI inputs, 1 HDMI output, USB ports and more.

Damperless speakers with
Magnetic Fluid

Each individual speaker driver is damperless and has magnetic fluid technology that minimizes sound distortion providing for an enhanced sound quality and clearer reproduction of original sound sources.

Enjoy surround sound with all your speakers in front with S-Force Pro 3D Front surround sound

Don’t have enough space for the wireless speakers in the rear of the viewing area but still want a surround sound experience…no problem. With the S-Force Pro 3D Front surround sound technology feature, you can setup all the 5 speakers in-front of the viewing area and still experience simulated surround sound.

Experience life-like stadium sound with Football mode

Experience a true-to-life stadium sound experience with Football mode so it feels like you’re really watching a game at the stadium. Also with Narration Cancellation, you can minimize the play-by-play commentary for an even more realistic stadium experience.

Increase the picture quality of whatever you’re watching with Super Bit Mapping

To increase the image quality of whatever you watch, Super Bit Mapping analyzes and optimizes every pixel to give you a premium picture that’s been perfected even more!

Experience 4K upscaling

Clearer, bigger, bolder — beyond anything you’ve seen at home. 4K upscaling15 allows you to upscale DVD’s and Blu-ray Discs to nearly 4,096 x 2,160 resolution delivering up to 8.8-million pixels—almost 4 times the pixels of 1080p for a picture quality you’ve never seen before at home.

Easily perfect the audio settings of your system with the auto DCAC DX audio calibration

All rooms have unique acoustic properties from its type of walls to its dimensions. The DCAC DX system automatically measures all the acoustic variables and optimizes the audio settings to provide the best sound experience for each individual viewing room.

Experience movie sound as the director intended it to be

Experience movies as the directors intended them to sound like with Dolby TrueHD and dts-HD Master Audio modes19 that re-produce high definition, discrete sound for uncompromised quality.

Improve the quality of your Digital Music playback

Sony’s Digital Music Enhancer compensates for the loss of detailed material resulting from compressed music files such as mp3s. It Improves the quality of the audio by extending audio bandwidth and adding missing harmonics to improve brightness, clarity and presence so you hear a deeper, more resonant bass and crystal clear highs. The end result…your music sounds the way it was intended to sound by the artist who made it.

Control everything with the
Universal Remote

Spend less time switching remotes and more time watching with Sony’s universal remote that allows you to control most major brand televisions and many cable boxes with the universal remote15.

Socialize with your on-line friends while you watch TV

Share your thoughts with your friends on Facebook and Twitter via your TV with the Socialize application17.

Learn more about your movies with Gracenote

Gracenote searches across internet apps and external services such as YouTube and Video Unlimited to provide you with detailed information on a wide-variety of movies.

Display your multi-media wirelessly from your PC with DLNA

Using DLNA you can wirelessly access music, videos and photos from your PC or other compatible Android device and play them on your TV16.

Start enjoying your movies faster

The home theater system quickly loads and starts your Blu-ray and DVD discs so you can start enjoying your movies within seconds.

Improve your movie watching experience with I/P noise reduction

I/P noise reduction for the Blu-ray Disc drive is specifically designed to eliminate playback noise and to protect it from dust and other debris for a better movie watching experience.

Quickly display multimedia with the Front USB slot

Easily display your videos and photos on your TV or listen to your digital music by connecting your USB storage device to the Blu-ray player’s front USB slot for ultimate access8.

Compare Chart

BDV-N8100W BDV-N7100W BDV-N790W BDV-E3100 Premium Design        – Connect & stream music from Bluetooth devices
with just one touch1 (N.F.C.)      –   iPhone/iPod Dock20  –  –    – Universal Disc Playback (Blu-ray, 3D Blu-ray, DVD, CD, SACD)         Built-in super Wi-Fi         Full HD 1080p & DVD upscaling         Internet Video Content Noise Reduction         Experience High Definition sound with Dolby TrueHD
  and dts-HD Master Audio         USB Slot for quickly enjoying music, photos and videos  X/1  X/1  X/2  X/1 HDMI In/Out  2 In/1 Out  2 In/1 Out  2 In/1 Out  0 In/1 Out Universal remote control        – 3D3 & 2D to 3D up conversion7         4K Upscaling15      –  – Optimize your picture viewing quality with Super Bit Mapping        – Sony Entertainment Network         Netflix, Pandora, YouTube, HuluPlus &
  more with 100+ streaming apps2         Built-in Web Browser2         Control, browse & “throw”with TV SideView11         Display your multi-media wirelessly from your PC with DLNA         Digital Front Panel Display         Share what you’re watching with Socialize17         Gracenote13 Look-up         1000 watts, 5.1 Channel system         Digital Cinema Auto Calibration with Included Stereo Microphone        – Magnetic Fluid Speaker Technology        – Glass Fiber Speaker Drivers      –  – Wireless Rear Surround Speakers        – Premium 3-Way 47″ floor-standing speakers
  with Super Tweeters    –  –  – Dedicated Subwoofer         Experience life-like stadium sound with football mode      –   FM Radio with 20 station presets        

1. Requires NFC and Bluetooth enabled device and possible downloadable NFC app. Check device’s user manual for compatibility.

2. Broadband speed of at least 2.5 Mbps recommended (10 Mbps for HD). Content subject to change and may require fees. Wireless connectivity requires an 802.11 home network.

3. Requires 3D content, 1080p 3D HDTV, 3D glasses, 3D emitter, and HDMI cable (at least 10.2 Gbps).

4. Applications must be downloaded from the iTunes or Android application store. Check Android market from your device for compatibility. Requires devices connected to the same wireless home network.

5. Requires Sony HomeShare compatible products and a home network.

6. Requires a home network with content stored on a DLNA compliant PC or server, and HomeShare network speaker, dock, or Blu-ray Disc player or home theater system. See dlna.org for compatibility.

7. Simulated 3D image will vary based on source content.

8. Not all USB devices are supported. Please check Owner’s Manual for compatibility.

9. Requires compatible HDTV and HDMI cable—sold separately.

10. Requires devices connected to the same wireless home network

11. TV SideView Application must be downloaded from the iTunes or Google Play application store. Check Android market from your device for compatibility. Requires devices connected to the same wireless home network.

12. Socialize requires user to have Twitter or Facebook account setup on player and internet connectivity.

13. Gracenote requires internet connection.

14. Not all products supported

15. 4K upscaling requires a 4K projector or 4K TV.

16. Requires a HDMI cable– sold separately

17. Socialize requires user to have Twitter or Facebook account setup on player and internet connectivity.

18. Bluetooth enabled device required. Check device’s user manual for compatibility.

19. Requires HDMI cable and LPCM capable source devices.

20. Works with most iPod and iPhone models.

Product Features

  • 1000W 5.1channel 3D Blu-ray Disc Home Theater System
  • 3-way 47″ floor standing speakers for exceptional clarity and definition
  • Wireless Rear Surround Sound Speakers and 7.1″ sub-woofer
  • Built-in Wi-Fi: Stream Netflix, HuluPlusTM, Pandora and more
  • Wirelessly stream music from Bluetooth devices with just one-touch

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