Samsung WB250F Smart Wi-Fi Digital Camera (Cobalt Black)

Take crystal-clear photos and stunning video with the WB250F Smart Camera from Samsung. With features such as a 14.2-megapixel backside-illuminated sensor and an 18x zoom lens, the WB250F gives you the creative freedom to take great photos even in low-light situations. And with built-in Wi-Fi, you can easily and quickly share your best shots.

Product Features

  • Capture Detailed Images in Low Light situations with a 14PM BSI CMOS Sensor
  • Share your Best Photos Instantly with Family and Friends with Built-in Wi-Fi
  • 18x Optical Zoom
  • 3.0 TFT LCD Screen
  • Samsung color designation is “Cobalt Black”. Black refers to the color of the lens. Camera color is a dark blue.

2 responses to “Samsung WB250F Smart Wi-Fi Digital Camera (Cobalt Black)”

  1. C. Bruce says:

    Makes it worth having a separate device for better quality pics! I must say instead of purchasing from Amazon I couldn’t wait and tested out cameras in Best Buy and was completely sold on this camera and paid $20 more +tax. It feels a little on the cheap side? Maybe just because it’s light weight which I do like. It was very easy to connect to security enabled wi-fi and send pictures to facebook and email. Some things I believe require you to connect to a computer. The camera is very intuitive and hints automatically pop up on the screen to further…

  2. John kaufman says:

    So far so good I was planning on purchasing this camera from amazon, but ended up with a good deal on an open box at Best Buy. I’ve tested the camera out and have to say for what I bought it for it looks excellent.Photo qualityThis was my main consideration when buying a new camera. I have to say that the camera does not disappoint me at all. I’ve taken indoor low light pics, as well as outdoor pictures of my dogs running around at full speed with only the automatic settings, and the…

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