Samsung GX-SM530CF Cable Box and Streaming Media Player with Built-In Wi-Fi Review

Samsung GX-SM530CF Smart Media Player view larger

Samsung GX-SM530CF Cable Box and Streaming Media Player with Built-In Wi-Fi Review

Introducing the Samsung Smart Media Player, the ultimate upgrade for any TV in your home. It serves as your cable box and gives you access to smart apps, including Amazon Instant Video and Netflix. All of it is controlled by just one remote to make your TV experience simple.

Replace Your Cable Box

Upgrading any TV has never been easier. The Smart Media Player not only makes your TV smarter, but also seamlessly integrates your cable box into one box, with one remote. It works with most cable providers, so no change is necessary, and it can even save you money: All you need is a cable card provided by your cable company, which costs less than the standard cable box and remote rental.* And unlike other media boxes, you never pay monthly service fees.

Samsung GX-SM530CF Smart Media Player view larger Smart Hub Apps and Service

Expand your movie and TV content with streaming apps like Amazon Instant Video and Netflix. Then choose from others including social media, gaming, music, and movie apps.

Samsung GX-SM530CF Smart Media Player view larger AllShare Cast

Easily share content on your portable device with others by streaming it to your TV. By connecting your portable device wirelessly, you can now send the image to the TV via the HDMI connection and share it with the rest of the room.

Samsung GX-SM530CF Smart Media Player view larger HDMI

Get superior picture and sound from your HD source. HDMI is a digital connection that can transmit HD video and audio over a single cable. Use it to optimize the image quality when you connect your TV to high-definition sources such as HD Cable TV, satellite receiver, or a blu-ray disc player. It also feature CEC capability, so you can use a remote control handset.

Samsung GX-SM530CF Smart Media Player view larger BD Wise

Get vivid replay with other Samsung BD Wise products when using an HDMI connection.

Samsung GX-SM530CF Smart Media Player Full Web Browser

Enjoy full web browsing – stream the newest videos, download your favorite apps, shop online, visit your favorite sites – and instantly switch back to live TV.

Samsung GX-SM530CF Smart Media Player Wi-Fi Built-in

With built-in Wi-Fi, no additional cables or wires are needed to connect to your wireless network. Access all your favorite Samsung apps or other Smart Media Player features with ease.

Samsung GX-SM530CF Smart Media Player AllShare

Share content seamlessly from your smartphone, tablet, computer, and other devices to your TV and vice versa from anywhere, inside and outside. This means the photos, videos, and music on your phone can be instantly shared with family and friends on the TV.

Samsung GX-SM530CF Smart Media Player Anynet+ (HDMI- CEC)

With Samsung’s Anynet+ you’ll enjoy one-touch control for all of your HDMI-connected compatible devices like your Samsung TV, blu-ray disc player, AV receiver, and home theater.

Requirements Digital cable subscription, analog cable (IPTV service not supported)** cableCARD drive and/or tuning adapter from your cable company Broadband Internet connection TV with HDMI input (HDMI cable not included) Inputs and Outputs HDMI Output Optical Digital Audio Outputs USB 2.0 Compatibility Video: MPEG-1/2, MPEG-4, DivX HD, MKV, WMV, VP8 Audio: Dolby Digital +, LPCM, ADPCM, AAC, MP3, WMA, FLAC, OGG, WAV Photo: JPEG, PNG, BMP Playback Media: Compatible with high-definition TVs with HDMI and capable of 1080p, 1080i, 720p, 480p cableCARD: Yes

* The difference between cost of leasing a box vs cableCARD from the cable company. The savings may vary by operators.
** Cable company’s video on demand, pay per view, and other data services are not available.

Samsung GX-SM530CF Cable Box and Streaming Media Player with Built-In Wi-Fi Review – Product Features

  • Features cable feed-in and a Cable CARD slot
  • Wi-Fi Built-In
  • Features Samsung Smart Hub with access to streaming services including Amazon Instant Video, and Netflix

2 responses to “Samsung GX-SM530CF Cable Box and Streaming Media Player with Built-In Wi-Fi Review”

  1. Adrian says:

    A good alternative to the cable box but still has a few things it falls short on … The Samsung smart media player is a solid product but does have a few issues. Breaking this product down, its essentially multiple products in one small box. It supports Digital Cable TV (including clear QAM channels), with or without a cablecard. It supports DLNA so will play files back from your media server. It supports Samsungs Apps platform (so has Netflix, Amazon instant and Vudu) … and finally has universal search across multiple platforms.For Live TV, as I mention this box will work with or without a Cablecard. If you don’t use a cable card the box has a few limitations. It will receive any Clear QAM channels, however, you can’t use the TV guide and the channel numbers won’t correspond to anything your cable provider describes. It will work though. Just to note, Samsung won’t allow you to map real channels to virtual ones, or re-name channels/label channels.If you use a Cablecard, then you can use the TV guide. Its OK … but doesn’t seem to respect…

  2. ToddNoch says:

    Add or replace a cable box with smart functions I’ve been researching CableCard capable devices for a couple of years. For those that aren’t familiar with CableCards, they let you watch premium Cable TV content such as HD channels & paid movies channels (i.e channels 100+ Basic). The only option out there for a long time was from TiVo, but I didn’t want to pay their subscription fee. Comcast gave me a CableCard for free with no monthly fees. I’ll return their box and save their monthly rental fee. Samsung just released this unit and I couldn’t be happier (unless they come out with a DVR version).It works great with my Samsung phone, sharing pictures, music & video. It has a Web browser and great VOD services such as Netflix, Amazon Instant Video & YouTube. The TV Guide is pretty nice. My only criticism so far is the remote is weak in features. It would be nice if it was more universal and had a keyboard/mouse.I highly recommend it if your looking to add a cable box or replace a rental unit from Comcast. I…

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