Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 Review

Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 (10.1-Inch, Wi-Fi)


Samsung GT-P5113TSYXAR 10.1 inch Galaxy Tab 2 1.0GHz/16GB/Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich Tablet (Titanium Silver)

Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 (10.1-Inch, Wi-Fi) – Keep yourself entertained at home and on the road and enjoy big performance with the Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 (10.1). Weighing 21 ounces and sporting a vibrant 10.1-inch touchscreen display, the Galaxy Tab 2 runs the Android 4.1 (“Jelly Bean”) operating system and is powered by a 1.0 GHz dual-core processor to help you achieve maximum usage across various demanding applications.

Samsung Galaxy Tab 2

Exceptional 10.1-inch multi-touch screen designed for reading books and magazines, watching movies, playing games, and more (view larger).


Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 (10.1-Inch, Wi-Fi)

Access the Internet and stream media over your home network via ultra-fast Wireless-N Wi-Fi. And with the Smart Remote app and built-in IR Blaster, you can watch and control your TV content–all from the palm of your hand. The Galaxy Tab offers full support for Adobe Flash Player 10.1 for accessing Flash-enabled websites, watching video and playing games.

The Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 (10.1-Inch, Wi-Fi) is designed to fit in one hand, typing messages or notes is simple and easy with the Galaxy Tab’s virtual QWERTY keyboard. It’s outfitted with a 3-megapixel rear-facing camera for photo capture and sharing as well as a VGA front-facing camera for video chat. Other features include 16 GB of internal memory, microSD memory expansion (for up to 32 GB of expansion via optional cards), Bluetooth 3.0 wireless connectivity for hands-free devices and stereo music streaming, and GPS for navigation and location services.

Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 Review

Access thousands of TV shows and movies via Samsung’s Media Hub (view larger).

Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 (10.1-Inch, Wi-Fi) – The Power of Android 4.0

With the Android 4.1 OS (aka, Jelly Bean), you can enjoy the most ramped up, up to the minute features and multitudes of apps supported by new the ICS technology. You’ll get an evolved, intuitively designed UI that transitions seamlessly across all your applications, plus enhanced web browsing, faster overall response, and easier accessibility to preloaded Google Mobile apps including YouTube, Maps, and more.

With integrated Google technology, the Galaxy Tab 2 brings one-touch access to the popular Google mobile services millions use every day, including Google Search, Gtalk, Google+, and contacts/calendar synchronization. And through Google Play, you’ll get access to thousands of useful applications and fun games to download and install on your tablet, with many more apps being added every day.

Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 Reviews

Intuitively designed Android 4.1 with preloaded Google Mobile apps (view larger).

Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 (10.1-Inch, Wi-Fi) – Rich Content

Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 (10.1-Inch, Wi-Fi) Video Hub is your personal video store concierge–1,000+ titles and counting–with virtually no wait time during progressive downloads so that you can enjoy video contents right away. Forget lugging around stacks of books–Readers Hub lets you delve into the intimate pleasures of digital reading, a wealth of e-books on your own personal screen. Additionally, Music Hub provides a full music store loaded with your favorite tunes. And Game Hub is your go-to source for premium and multi-player games, letting you jump into action any time, wherever you are.

Easy Access

You can immediately check out top e-books, latest hit songs, premium games, and recent video releases. The home screen layout maximizes your experience of Samsung Hub services by providing direct access to apps you use all the time.

Stay Connected with Friends

Samsung’s Chat ON app connects your friends and acquaintances across devices and platforms in a more expressive, dynamic way with unique features like Group Chat, Multimedia Transmission, Buddy Interaction, and more. You can also engage in spur-of-the-moment group video sessions with Google+ Hangouts as easily as bumping into somebody on the street.

Stream Video and Music via All Share Play

All Share Play melds digital content from different networked devices into one seamless flow–it’s almost like having one device. You have the freedom to download photos or movies to store, then push to watch later on your Samsung HDTV. AllShare Play also acts as a gateway to web storage services where you can conveniently and securely upload and backup your data for safekeeping or sharing.



Review Of Samsung Galaxy Tab 2

Memory expansion via optional microSD cards up to 32 GB in size (view larger).


Operating system: Android 4.1 (Jelly Bean) Display: 10.1-inch multitouch screen (1280 x 800 pixels) for native HD 720p resolution Processor: 1 GHz dual-core processor Internal memory: 16 GB RAM: 1 GB Memory expansion: microSD cards (up to 32 GB in size) Cameras: 3-megapixel rear; VGA (640 x 480) front Wireless connectivity: Wireless N Wi-Fi (802.11b/g/n); Bluetooth 3.0 Ports: 1 USB 2.0 (host); 3.5mm headphone/microphone jack Sensors: Accelerometer, digital compass, light, proximity Dimensions: 10.1 x 6.9 x 0.38 inches Weight: 1.28 pounds (21 ounces) Battery: 7,000 mAh

File Compatibility

Documents: Word (.doc .docx .txt .hwp .rtf); Excel (.xls .xlsx .csv); PowerPoint (.ppt .pptx .pps); PDF Audio: MP3, AAC, AC-3, AMR, FLAC, MID, WMA, WAV, OGG Images: GIF, AGIF, JPEG, PNG, BMP, WBMP, WEBP Video: Playback up to Full HD 1080p @ 30 fps (frames per second) with following compatibility: Codec: MPEG4, H.263, H.264, VC-1, DivX, WMV7, WMV8, WMV9, VP8 Format: 3GP, ASF, AVI, MP4, WMV, FLV, MKV, WebM

Preloaded Software

Core apps: Contacts, Alarm/Clock, S Planner, Camera, Gallery, Photo Editor, Video Maker, Web Browser, My Files, Email, Calculator, World Clock, Task Manager, Music Player, Video Player, Navigation Google services: Google Search, Google Talk, Gmail, YouTube, Latitude, Places, Google Maps, Google +, Google + Messenger, Play Store, Google Play Books, Google Play Music, Google Play Videos Samsung apps: AllShare (DLNA), ChatON, S-Memo, Smart Remote Samsung Hub widgets: Media Hub, Game Hub, Music Hub, Readers Hub (Kobo, Zinio, NPD), Additional apps and services: Amazon Kindle, Polaris Office, Dropbox, Netflix

What’s in the Box

Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 (10.1); USB cable; charger; operating instructions

Product Features

  • Android Jelly Bean 4.1.2
  • 10.1-inch Multitouch 720p HD Screen (1280 x 800)
  • 16GB Internal Memory, microSD expansion up to 32GB
  • Wireless N Wi-Fi (802.11b/g/n); Bluetooth 3.0,GPS Enabled with Latitude, Google Maps
  • 1GHz Dual-Core Processor

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  1. Daisy S "Daisy S" says:

    Samsung Tab 2 10.1 WiFi – Very Detailed Review On The Many Excellent Features Of This Tablet. Updated Review: October 25, 2013 – For over one year now, I have been totally enjoying this excellent Tab 2 10.1 WiFi tablet and I continue use this very dependable tablet for hours each day. Since I am a techie, I tested this tablet thoroughly and I have found it to be excellent for my everyday basic computer functions at home and on the road. And it is much easier to travel with than my heavy laptop. For you the reader, my goal here is to give you everyday and practical uses regarding the Tab 2 10.1 WiFi model.In August, 2013, I updated to 4.2.2 as it has many improvements and my tablet is running perfectly and it is up to date. The update did remove the screenshot, however, I use the Power Key and Volume key and this takes a screenshot when needed.PROS:- EXTERNAL SLOT FOR MICRO SD CARD – What a great feature! It is set to accept up to 32g SD, however, you can add a 64gb SD card, however, you will have to format it inside the Tab 2 and it will then be…

  2. Arthur K. Yellin "dinosaurus13" says:

    With ONE Caveat, I HIGHLY recommend this Tablet. This review covers many brands and models. Below is a review of several tablets I tried in MY chronological sequence with them, with explanations of why I rejected all but the Samsung Galaxy 2 10.1 tablet. I am placing the same review under each model I tried.Background – I am now 65 – NOT a member of the electronic generation! I love playing Scrabble and thought intensive games in general. I know very little about smart phones or tablets. I firmly believe that a company OWES SUPPORT to their consumers and NOT at additional cost! Customer service is VERY important to me! Before anyone accuses me of bias: I have NO connection to ANY of the companies mentioned. I am simply a consumer relating my personal experiences!iPad – first generation – EVERYTHING you do with it is tied to iTunes. When I tried it, there was absolutely NO manual or documentation available for iTunes. Beyond the first 90 days Apple wants to charge for tech support. I found iTunes and the Apple OS to be confusing and difficult to…

  3. Z. Falborn says:

    Careful When buying this tablet, keep this in mind; this is brand new but still old. Brand new in that it comes with the newest operating system factory installed and Samsung changed some of the specs to put a #2 next to the tablet name. This is old based on the fact that Samsung scraped a few design features off the original tablet to sell this one at a cheaper price tag. As of the first week of this tablet’s release i have yet to find any downloadable software that would enable me to play movies on it(besides Google’s play store of course). At this point tablets of this size are meant for entertainment; do not see how this is going to entertain someone when the only way to view videos is by already having them in the acceptable format or buying the them again from Google’s store.You cannot currently download the application HBO-go, Hulu+ is still not supported, and Amazon’s streaming is still unsupported (all due at the moment to the flash support). So until they come up…

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