Nikon COOLPIX S6100 16 MP Digital Camera with 7x NIKKOR Wide-Angle Optical Zoom Lens and 3-Inch Touch-Panel LCD (Red)

Nikon COOLPIX S6100 16 MP Digital Camera with 7x NIKKOR Wide-Angle Optical Zoom Lens and 3-Inch Touch-Panel LCD (Red)

  • 16.0-megapixel CCD sensor for stunning images
  • 7x Wide-Angle Optical Zoom-NIKKOR ED Glass Lens
  • 4-way VR Image Stabilization System
  • Touch Control 3-inch High Resolution (460,000-dot) Clear Color Display
  • HD (720p) Movie Recording with Stereo Sound and HDMI Output

The Nikon Coolpix S6100 compact design packs a staggering 16 megapixels-the highest available in a Coolpix- to ensure super sharp, ultra detailed images, wherever life takes them. The 7x wide-angle optical Zoom-NIKKOR ED glass lens is ideal for capturing outdoor scenery in all its brilliance and grandeur. Nikon’s superior imaging technologies including Motion Detection, Best Shot Selector and High ISO capture incredible images in a variety of situations.

The enhanced touch scr

List Price: $ 199.00

Price: $ 147.00

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3 responses to “Nikon COOLPIX S6100 16 MP Digital Camera with 7x NIKKOR Wide-Angle Optical Zoom Lens and 3-Inch Touch-Panel LCD (Red)”

  1. S. Welsh says:
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    5.0 out of 5 stars
    Great small camera loaded with features!!, April 13, 2011
    S. Welsh (Nebraska) –

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    This review is from: Nikon COOLPIX S6100 16 MP Digital Camera with 7x NIKKOR Wide-Angle Optical Zoom Lens and 3-Inch Touch-Panel LCD (Red) (Electronics)

    This is a great little camera with alot of fun features. I had a hard time deciding between the s8100 and the s6100 because the s8100 takes faster pictures, 1080 video, a better sensor, and bigger zoom.The features listed below are the reasons I chose the s6100.

    Touch screen–can use your finger but it can be a little tricky to move it just right. It does come with a stylus that allows you to move through the screens quickly. Makes it very easy to get through the menus. The menu on the left has the options for flash, self-timer, macro, and exposure compensation. The menu on the bottom has the options for touch shutter, image mode, movie options, and settings. The battery levels are always displayed in the left hand corner so there is no guessing how much battery is left. Above that the scene mode is displayed.

    Scene selection–There are 19 scenes to choose from plus the scene auto selector. When you push the scene button and all 20 options are listed there is a question mark box in the upper right hand corner that will explain the different modes to help you choose the right one.

    Filter Effects–It has the ability to draw or write on photos, add decorations, cross screen, fish eye, selective color, black and white, sepia. I have messed around with a few of these features, I will try to upload a few pictures. It also has glamour retouch and skin softening.

    Playback button–Has options to star a photo as favorite, delete, slide show, protect, print, draw, retouch, voice record, and settings.

    Charger–This camera can charge through your computer or it also has an adapter much like most cell phones now do so you can use the USB cord to charge using an outlet. There is a light on the back that flashes to let you know it is charging.

    The dedicated movie button makes it very simple to record videos. Unlike the 8100, you cannot take a photo while you are recording with the 6100.

    From the opinion of a hobby photographer, I think there are alot of features nicely packaged into this pocket-sized camera.

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  2. stepheroni090 says:
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    5.0 out of 5 stars
    Excellent Point and Shoot Camera, April 22, 2011

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    Purchased this camera while looking for a small yet high quality point and shoot style camera. This camera has great features in a small enough package to bring on the go. The optical zoom works wonderfully. Touch-Panel LCD is a nice feature.

    Only complaint I have with the camera is the image review after taking a picture lasts a seemingly long time. If you are trying to take multiple pictures quickly it can be annoying as the previous image takes up the screen so you can’t preview your next picture. Also, the touch-panel LCD isn’t as responsive as you’d like it to be, but if you use the included stylus on the wrist strap it works just fine. Just don’t expect iPod Touch-quality responsiveness.

    Bottom line:
    Purchase this camera if you are looking for a point and shoot camera with good features, optical zoom, and a decent MegaPixel rating that come in a small package.

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  3. pfe says:
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    2.0 out of 5 stars
    There must be better cameras, June 27, 2011

    I’ve owned this camera for 3-months and waited until now to write a review because it was a gift and I really wanted to like this camera. But the more I’ve used it the less I like it. To be fair, it can take a descent picture under optimal conditions if you are careful, but so can a 1968 Kodak Brownie in the right hands. I really expected more from Nikon and modern electronic technology.

    Let me give you a little more background… I’m 63 years old and I’ve been taking pictures since I was 8 years old. Last winter I suffered a stroke which affected the coordination in my left hand and I found it difficuly to operate my Nikon D50 SLR. My wife, trying to be nice to me bought an S6100 for my birthday because she assumed that a point-and-shoot would be easier and less frustrating for me to use than my D50 SLR. I was excited to get it and try it out. The Nikon S6100 was smaller, lighter and easier to carry. As far as being easier to use,
    it is NOT! A person would expect an automatic point-and-shoot camera to be just that, point it, press the shutter release and get a fair picture most of the time. That’s something this camera can’t do with any regularity. A pox on Nikons house for the damn touch screen controls! Why have a touch screen shutter release function that duplicates the function of the shutter release button? While you try to hold the camera with your right hand you are almost forced to touch the screen while trying to frame the image and push the “real button”. This more often than not activates the shutter resulting in a picture of the ground, your pant leg, or shoe. Then while you wait for the exceedingly slow electronics to store that image on the memory card, you miss several oportunities to try for a good shot. Would that this was the only problem with the touch screen. Nikon designed this cameras controls so the ONLY way to control various camera functions is through a menu system controlled using the touch screen. If that were not bad enough the screen itself is not sensitive enough to respond well to a finger touch unless you use a long finger nail or the little stylus hung on the wrist strap. This almost insures that you can’t make any sort of quick option changes while you try to shoot. You may wonder if that screen does anything else. Yes, it shows a fairly bright image to use as a viewfinder or to review pictures of your shoes taken by mistake. Of course it is constantly smugged and dirty because you have to be touching it all the time.
    How about the overall function? The S6100 is as functional as most of it’s competitors in the crowded point-and-shoot field. It’s a snapshot camera at best loaded with difficult to control features and totally unecessary post shooting editing functions that are much better done on your computer after you download the pictures. I expected better from Nikon and I certainly thought that a 16 megapixel sensor would capture better quality shots. Again I was disappointed. My 6 megapixel D50 captures better images and it’s over 5-years old. In anything other than optimal light, the automatic functions of the S6100 bump up the ISO a few clicks and once that’s happened the image quickly gets grainy without gaining good exposure. Again I sure expected better from the newer class of sensors and software. The S6100 can also take Quicktime movies with a single press of the movie button on the back. This would be a nice function if the movie button were not small placed directly below the right side thumb grip, almost ensuring that you will take some short movies you didn’t want, again usually of the ground, your shoe, or the sky.
    Oh, and then there is battery life. Not too good. I can get maybe 200 shots and a short movie before the “battery exhausted” message pops up on the screen, and then you are done since the only way to recharge it is to plug the whole camera into the charger or a computer USB port, you will be out of luck in the field unless you invest in a second battery, keep it charged and in your pocket while you’r out shooting.

    Do you think I’ve been be too negative about the S6100?
    Here are the good things about it:
    1. It’s small, light, and fits easily in a shirt pocket or purse
    2. The zoom lens is Nikon, and they do make the best optics and the wide to full zoom is all you will probably ever need.
    3. When you manage to get a snap shot it’s usually of adequate quality, at least for your family album.

    If you want a point-and shoot Nikon, check out the S8100 or S9100, both much better cameras at only a slightly higher price.
    If you want great pictures and care about control of your camera functions get a Digital SLR and learn how to use it.

    If you want a touch screen get a smart phone. Most of those will take pictures and movies too, and might be easier to use than this camera, plus when you get frustrated with the smugged up touch screen, at least…

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