Marantz AV7701 Audio Video Preamp/Processor with Networking and AirPlay (Black)

The Marantz AV7701 is a 7.2-channel A/V pre-amplifier equipped with state-of-the-art 4K up-scaling video circuitry, 3D pass-through, and networking features such as AirPlay and DLNA. The 4K up-scaling feature transforms video programs of SD and HD picture quality to a resolution as high as 3,840 x 2,160 pixels. The V7701’s audio circuitry incorporates a rock-solid regulated power supply with custom transformer and a high-speed current feedback amplifier circuit that reproduces a natural sound space, allowing signals from a Blu-ray Disc player or other components that support high-definition audio formats to be amplified with optimum fidelity. Since the AV7701 also supports AirPlay, DLNA 1.5 and other networking features, it can play music files from an iPod touch, iPhone, or iPad wirelessly via AirPlay, as well as from a network-connected PC or HDD. The iPod touch, iPhone, or iPad can even be used to control the main operations of the AV7701. HDMI output is provided from 3 ports, 2 of which can be used for simultaneous output of video sources in the Main zone and 1 in a separate room. The Marantz AV7701 is a versatile pre-amplifier that meets the diverse needs of today’s most demanding music and video enthusiasts.

Product Features

  • Marantz Proprietary audio technologies for superior sound : HDAM and High Current Feedback Technology
  • Aluminum front panel and illuminated porthole display, polished and black anodized premium finish. Fold up door conceals additional 2-line FL display
  • 7 x HDMI in / 3 x HDMI out Lets you connect your HDMI-equipped devices with a single cable. Enjoy high definition audio and video on up to 3 displays.
  • Multi Zone HDMI output allows playback of 2 different video sources simultaneously on 2 televisions,
  • Audyssey MultEQ XT, Dynamic EQ and Dynamic Volume

3 responses to “Marantz AV7701 Audio Video Preamp/Processor with Networking and AirPlay (Black)”

  1. Michael Ciavarini says:

    AV7701 Review Running Klipsch KSP-400 mains, C6 center, KSP-300 surrounds, KSW-300 sub, Emotiva XPA-1 5 channel power block. All speakers have powered subs so 5 subs. AV7701 replaced a Denon AV5803 receiver. The results is brighter highs and midrange and tighter bass. The sound is both loud and accurate. I listen to mostly live concert Blu Ray disks of 70’s music and at loud volume. Dream Theater and Evanescense too. The setup took time with phone calls to tech support every day for a week. Here is what i discovered with tech support. Run Audyssey and keep it on. Audyssey backed off my subs -12 db the max which i didn’t like. I then with the help of tech support created my own settings for bass volume which is 0db and cross-overs. I run all speakers as SMALL, set the volume controls on all powered subs to oh 12 o’clock or more and set the cross-overs to 40 hz on the mains, 60 on the center and 100 on the surrounds. That made a huge difference as the sound is accurate with a ton of bass which is…

  2. Paul Derby says:

    Great Digital Preamp for replacing Onkyo SC5508 preamps I purchased two of the Marantz AV7701 units to replace Onkyo SC5508 preprocessors. The Onkyo units have relays that click every time the format of the sound source changes, so during TV commercials the clicking was driving me crazy, hence the decision to replace with Marantz AV7701.The good:After 4 days of use the Marantz equipment is running quietly, no clicking when the sound format changes. The preamp runs much cooler than the Onkyo SC5508 and takes up less cabinet depth leaving more room for all the back wiring. The setup GUI is easy to follow and configure. The sound is quite nice and pleasing after a few tweaks for the subwoofer following the built in Audessy sound balancing process. I’m using Bryston 5 channel home theater amps with the AV7701 and the match using balanced interconnect cables works well.The not so good:Both of the AV7701’s I received were recently manufactured but the firmware was out of date. For Pandora to…

  3. C. Curry says:

    Marantz AV 7701 I’ve had my AV 7701 for about two weeks and love everything about it so far. My amps are Marantz MM 7055 and Vincent 331 for killer 2 channel audio.Previously used B&K AVR 307, no HDMI but I used multichannel analog inputs from blu ray for HD audio.I have always considered separate components and this is the first advancement. Definitely noticed more depth in movie HD audio. When listening to 2 channel audio, example a cd, the Vincent Amp now shines. Treble is sharper and imaging is possibly increased. I have read reviews for this amp and it was mentioned that a good processor was needed to hear its full potential, well now I have it. I love internet radio and have set my favorites, some stations audio is lesser than others but that is to be expected. I can play my itunes library through the AV 7701 but the only issue is my desktop is in another room and when I start play the volume is very loud on the AV. I believe there are setting I can make to control all of this from…

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