Lorex EDGE+ 4-Channel Video Security DVR with 4 Wireless Security Cameras (Black) Reviews

Lorex EDGE+ 4-Channel Video Security DVR with 4 Wireless Security Cameras (Black)

  • Small form factor lets you mount the EDGE+ DVR anywhere
  • LOREX Instant Mobile Viewing on iPhone(TM), Blackberry(TM), Windows® Mobile and other compatible 3G smart phones
  • Exclusive LOREX Easy Connect Internet Set-up Wizard
  • Mac compatible using Safari browser for multi channel live viewing
  • Includes 4 Digital Wireless Security Cameras with 60ft. Night Vision , Flex IR Controller, Power Supply & Mouse

View your wireless security cameras from anywhere in the world on any device. The EDGE+ Security DVR Wireless Bundle from Lorex lets you view live, streaming security video on your iPhone, iPad, Blackberry, or Windows Phone. Multiple channel remote viewing is available on Macs using Safari! PC users can completely manage and control their system from a remote location. This EDGE+ bundle includes four high-resolution digital wireless color security cameras that are easy to install and are secure

List Price: $ 799.99

Price: $ 599.00

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  1. HT Fanatic "Mike" says:
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    4.0 out of 5 stars
    Review: Lorex EDGE+ LH324501 DVR with 4 Wireless LW2110 Cameras (Black), February 18, 2012
    HT Fanatic “Mike” (Florida) –

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    This review is from: Lorex EDGE+ 4-Channel Video Security DVR with 4 Wireless Security Cameras (Black) (Electronics)

    Long review, but helpful.

    I was brought to the realization that I needed a video surveillance system for my home mid-December 2011; after a local youth that I actually know personally, was caught in the act (by a retired neighbor of mine) of “breaking an entering”…in broad daylight; only 15 mins. or so before I arrive home from work. And even though he never actually entered my home, the fact that he even denied doing it, while still holding the bag (LITERALLY) I might add, clinched it for me.

    Initially, I purchased a Lorex LW2702 System (7″ combo LCD + Wireless Receiver & 4 audio-enabled wireless Cams); but I became concerned….BEFORE it even arrived, after reading quite a few reviews on AMAZON….where most (not all) reviewers stated that the cameras supplied as part of that system were called outdoor, but shouldn’t/couldn’t be exposed to sunlight & rain/himidity(?!). Well, I stay in Central FL; no sunlight and no rain/moisture OUTDOORS is not gonna happen. Went with my gut feeling, and decided to keep the LW2702 System though, and use it indoors.

    After researching several things, in particular “Ingress Protection ratings” (IPXX) for outdoor cameras, I decided the Lorex LH324501C4W System would meet all my needs and plenty more; especially since the LW2110 cameras not only looked more resilient, were smaller, contained way more IR LEDs, and simply appeared to be of higher build quality than the ones supplied with the LW2702 System, but they also have an IP66 rating….meaning they are dust tight, & “water projected in powerful jets (12.5mm nozzle) against the enclosures from any direction would have no effect.”-WiKiP. All the functionality of the LW2702 LCD system was there as well, with greater flexibility, programmability, & customization via the separate DVR; except for audio recording with the LW2110 cams, which I didn’t really need. I already had a mostly under-used 19″ LCD flatscreen that accepts VGA to use as my monitor.

    The system is/was easy to set up…..you simply determine the best location for the cams to suit your needs, mount ’em, plug ’em into a nearby AC source, plug the separate camera receivers (also requiring an AC power source) into the DVR, power DVR up, and that’s it. And even though I realize there are bad product yields, and the possibility of getting a lemon always exists no mater what the product, I’ve not had any problems with the system or its functioning thus far, beyond the normal things,

    Motion recording works, but because subtle lighting changes (clouds, shadows, transient glitching of the video signal) & when the signal temporarily is dropped & the connection restablished activates it, you’ll probably get quite a few false recordings. If more accurate motion recording is your desire, the DVR does provide for connecting external motion sensors/devices, that can trigger the DVR to start recording as well. Motion recording DOES save space on the hard drive though; but since I have a 500 GB HD installed, space is not an issue. After 8 or so hours of continuous recording with all 4 cameras, based on my settings and the visual activity on a given day, I use 2% of my hard drive’s space. And with 5X, 15X, and 50X viewing speed options, it takes very little time to review the day’s footage.

    The IR night vision is pretty good in my opinion, even though I’ll rarely have the system running when dark…exceot when I leave for work before dawn. It’s effectiveness depends on several other variables, but it clearly highlights (if too far to illuminate) things that would be totally missed with the naked eye @ night. I can see mailboxes and cars & individuals (even if I can’t tell who they are)3 houses up the street from me, even though THAT cam is pointed down & focused on my driveway. In my case, I’d say I can cleary make out objects @ night 35ft away.

    I do have a few minor complaints and suggestions though for anyone deciding to purchase this or any wireless surveillance system, based on what I encountered. This applies mostly to homeowners.

    1) If there are no power receptacles in the locations you’ve chosen for your cameras, hire an electrician and have him wire some there. After all, this is your home; something you’ve made a sizable investment in. This is the way I decided to do it…had 4 GFCI receptacles installed (3 in my garage near the roof, and one within the soffit on an outside corner wall) and a light switch within the garage that I could easily turn them all ON or OFF @ will. And realize that even WIRED surveillance cameras need to be connected to an AC power supply; requiring AC Power shouldn’t be labeled a failure for a wireless or Lorex wireless cameras!

    2) Even though the cameras carry IP66 ratings, mount them under something that will keep most of nature off them, most of the time. All of my cameras are mounted high on the outer walls of my home (3 on the 3 walls of…

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  2. Michael Dunniway says:
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    3.0 out of 5 stars
    Wireless security system, May 26, 2011
    Michael Dunniway (Chewelah, WA, US) –

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    This review is from: Lorex EDGE+ 4-Channel Video Security DVR with 4 Wireless Security Cameras (Black) (Electronics)

    The Lorex wireless camera system is limited in it’s ability to give sharp video images day or night (you cannot read a car’s license plate). The most disappointing of the features is the very limited distance range that the cameras are able to connect to the DVR. At best, I was only able to be about 40 feet apart. I had to have the inside antennas on a windowsill in line of sight of the cameras. My home is a wood frame structure. The software is somewhat cumbersome in that when you access the “List” of videoed events, you cannot erase the entire previous day of numerous tapings. You have to constantly use a toolbar at the bottom of the screen. You select the event you want to view from the “List” then move the cursor to the tool bar to watch the event or erase the event. Then you have to go back to the “List” to select another event. I may have 400 plus events a night to review. If you want a wireless video security camera system that is easy to install in a very small area, this product may work for you.

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  3. SergeNYC "sergenyc" says:
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    4.0 out of 5 stars
    Works as described, December 19, 2011
    SergeNYC “sergenyc” (Staten Island, NY United States) –

    This review is from: Lorex EDGE+ 4-Channel Video Security DVR with 4 Wireless Security Cameras (Black) (Electronics)

    I have had this device for about a week and it works just like described, so it is important to understand what you are getting. Description is accurate; however, I will try to add items that weren’t clear for me and my general experience setting it up:
    – Set Up: general set up is extremely quick (I connected it to the standard PC monitor). It won’t take you more than 5 minutes to set up. Had no issues with wireless at home and even tested at work in my corporate building with lots of wireless interference and thick walls and had no issues at all. Also hid AC wires inside the wall in between sheetrock (made a hole in a wall next to camera and dropped the wire, made another hole at the bottom next to the power outlet and connected it that way. Another option is to put the wire behind closets or near closets to hide the it
    – Video: multiple options to record video. Highest resolution is webcam type quality, with low frame rate (a bit choppy) another option is to drop resolution to achieve higher frame rate (smoother video). Camera placing has to be as far as possible to get a wider view of the area you are trying to monitor. In poor light night vision turns on as well as in the dark (had no issues reported). Color video with good lighting and black/white in poor lighting conditions or in the dark
    – Audio: cameras do not have audio and even though this is a 4 channel DVR you have an option to either add 2 mics for channel 1 & 2 or upgrade to 2 cameras that have mics installed in them
    -Recording: multiple options with quality, alerts and logs on events such as motion sensors and etc. You can even set up e-mail alerts with DVR contacting you in case there is motion detected or other issues
    -Remote Access: This took a while to set up; I went the path of DDNS advanced set up. The attached CD does a nice job taking you through the port forwarding of your router (I ignored the yoics basic option). The issue is the lorex ddns service doesn’t start working right a way so it’s hard to say whether the set up was done correctly. Eventually it worked. Remote monitoring could only be done with 1 device at a time logged in, so my wife and I can’t remotely monitor at the same time (which is ok as long as one of us is watching). Remote monitor worked for us on Android 3g, iPhone4 and PC (Explorer 9). There is no audio on the phones, and on remote pc which supports back up it would only allow you to hear audio when you playback something that has been already recorded not real time. Make sure you don’t test remote access while logged into wifi or Ethernet that your DVR is currently on (it obviously won’t work). Also, WIFI local Ethernet and 4G would monitoring obviously will work better than 3g (better frame rate, so smoother video). But remote monitoring does work and with iphone it allows for video playback as well.
    I am not a computer professional or a professional installer. I was able to set it up by carefully following all directions (between the booklet and quick start up guide for remote access). This was a set up as a nanny cam for me and my wife for our kids in the house. I think the product worked as described if you carefully read the description and follow up the set up guide. It isn’t like setting up a home theater it is obviously more complex, while not rocket science either so keep that in mind. The product also comes with a number to access an installer network for a fee (don’t know if the network is any good)

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