LG Electronics 55LA6200 55-Inch Cinema 3D 1080p 120Hz LED-LCD HDTV with Smart TV and Four Pairs of 3D Glasses

LG’s LA6200 has everything you want. Smart TV, Built-in Wi-Fi, a Dual Core Processor and Cinema 3D. All this with stunning picture quality with LED technology, Full HD 1080p and TruMotion 120Hz.

Product Features

  • Access premium content providers like Hulu Plus, Netflix and YouTube direct from your TV with the fun and easy to use Magic Remote.
  • LG’s Cinema 3D technology uses lightweight, battery free glasses to deliver an immersive 3D experience for movies, TV shows and gaming, all with amazing picture quality.
  • Bring extra sharp detail to even the fastest moving scenes with LG’s TruMotion 120Hz technology.

3 responses to “LG Electronics 55LA6200 55-Inch Cinema 3D 1080p 120Hz LED-LCD HDTV with Smart TV and Four Pairs of 3D Glasses”

  1. GatorJ says:

    Excellent TV….almost perfect. I purchased this TV to replace a 42″ LG in my master bedroom (which replaced a 40″ Sony XBR6). (FWIW, both of those TVs were purchased from Amazon. I have purchased six 40-47″ TVs from Amazon and have never had any shipping problems or damage.) I originally started with the 42″ version of this TV which was returned to Amazon due to some screen uniformity issues (more later). Due to the LA6200’s thin bezel, the 47″ worked in my space. I’ve had it for 4 weeks and I’m quite pleased with it overall. If I could give half stars, I would award it 4.5. I can’t and on balance I thought it was more fair to give it 5 than 4.APPEARANCE:This is an impressively styled display. The dark gunmetal bezel is quite attractive. I was glad to see LG left off the silver accents that are creeping into more of their models. I view those as unnecessary styling elements that detract somewhat from the overall appearance of the set. LG designers did a great job on the…

  2. Hans J. Storoy "Hans" says:

    Fantastic TV I bought this TV (the 47″) to replace an older LG 42″ LCD that I broke. I was looking to stay with LG since my last TV was great, and I preferred the passive 3D just because I don’t want to pay an $50-$90 for a technology that will be lightly used at most. The 2D to 3D up-convert is just a bonus that makes it more usable.Pros and Cons below, but one feature I was not prepared for that has been great, LG Cloud. Its a free 5Gb video, 2GB photo service. I can upload videos (including xvid) from my computer or phone and play via the cloud on my TV. Absolutely love that.Pros- Fantastic picture quality. Great blacks, very smooth.- TruMotion, when used for stuff like sports and other high motion video (this is also a con, see below)- Passive 3D with 2D to 3D makes this usable right out of the box.- LG Cloud- Huge collection of Smart TV Apps (Please add Amazon Instant)- Price. I called and got the price dropped $120 to match BestBuy…

  3. Mathieu J. Champagne says:

    Great value TV with a few flaws I wasn’t in the market for a new TV until the neighboring row home suffered a large fire, causing extreme smoke damage to our apartment. Thankfully our apartment is livable again, but we were forced to throw out and replace lots of items, especially electronics. My previous TV was a 42″ LG LCD, which I had purchased about two years ago. I had used it in collaboration with an LG Smart BluRay player and a regular old antenna to accommodate my cable / dish free lifestyle. When it was time to replace the old smoke damaged goods, I knew what brand I wanted to go with.I did a boatload of research before making this purchase, and contemplated other brands as well. My checklist of “needs” included:-LED-45″ or larger-Smart TV (Wifi included with Netflix, etc…)-Streaming compatibility from my Apple computerThat’s really it. Doesn’t seem like too all of an order, but finding information on Smart TV’s and their ability to interact with…

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