LG Cinema Screen 47LM7600 47-Inch Cinema 3D 1080p 240 Hz LED-LCD HDTV with Smart TV and Six Pairs of 3D Glasses

LG Cinema Screen 47LM7600 47-Inch Cinema 3D 1080p 240 Hz LED-LCD HDTV with Smart TV and Six Pairs of 3D Glasses

  • LG LED Plus backlighting delivers superior brightness, clarity and color detail from the edges of the screen, resulting in an amazingly thin, energy efficient LED TV with local dimming for a higher contrast ratio and deeper blacks.
  • With LG Cinema 3D technology you can enjoy amazing 3D effects, comfortable lightweight battery free glasses, 2D to 3D content conversion, 3D depth control and a clear picture from virtually any angle.
  • See sports, video games and high-speed action with virtually no motion blur and in crystal clarity with LG’s TruMotion 240Hz technology. Now your TV can keep up with the fastest moving scenes.
  • LG’s Smart TV is a revolutionary, easy way to access limitless content, thousands of movies, customizable apps, videos and browse the web all set up in a simple to use interface.
  • The Magic Remote makes selecting features on your TV is as easy as the wave of your hand or using the wheel to scroll up and down through menu selections. TV remote clicking is soon to be a thing of the past.

LM7600 3D/Smart LED TV LG’s NEXT GENERATION 3D TECHNOLOGY If you enjoy the depth, realism and entertainment of 3D at the theater, you’ll love having it at home with LG Cinema 3D on the LM7600 TV*. And it’s not just 3D. It’s crisp 3D on a brilliant LED Plus display. On top of that, it’s loaded with the virtually limitless entertainment capabilities of LG Smart TV. Staying in has never looked better. This is what home entertainment is all about.

List Price: $ 1,949.99

Price: $ 1,949.99

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  1. Marty Gillis says:
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    5.0 out of 5 stars
    I am LOVING this TV!, March 22, 2012
    Marty Gillis (Los Angeles, CA USA) –
    (TOP 500 REVIEWER)

    This review is from: LG Cinema Screen 47LM7600 47-Inch Cinema 3D 1080p 240 Hz LED-LCD HDTV with Smart TV and Six Pairs of 3D Glasses (Electronics)

    I am VERY pleased with this LG ! I am writing this review to help you decide whether or not this TV is worth upgrading to from you current set, how things look, sound, work, what needs improvement and what is totally cool!

    Interested? Then read on McDuff! But first just a bit of backstory………
    <<<warning: Long but pretty detailed review>>>

    I purchased the LG 47LM7600 to replace my 2 year old LG 47 LE5400 which is now ‘old tech’. I wanted a larger screen and I wanted better overall picture quality. The 3D , Web Browser and Apps were not a consideration for me, but this television IS fully loaded and I am glad to have them.

    This is my 2nd LG television and I was 90% happy with my LE5400 but the flash-lighting and screen uniformity issues were nagging at me with every Blu Ray I watched and finally I decided it was time to move on up! I have a 3D Oppo Blu Ray player that had never seen a 3D disc and I thought this was finally the time to jump in.

    Also, I watch A LOT OF TV folks! Home theater is my passion! I knew what I wanted to see from this new LM7600 and was very anxious to find out if I had made the right choice. (and with Amazon’s 30 Day no cost return policy you are pretty much able to do this with no worries)

    You have already seen pictures of this television. It looks even better in person. Build quality seems nice and solid and with or without the included stand it is a joy to behold. While no longer featuring a matte screen, the reflective aspects are nowhere near as bad as my Kuro was and actually adds to perceived picture quality. The 55 inch with stand comes in at around 55 pounds which is safe weight for most TV stands. Mine is sitting on an OmniMount Echo 63-Inch Video Table and seems perfectly stable and safe with a very good viewing height for 3D content.

    The stand, while heavy plastic designed to resemble metal, is extremely easy to put together and is the most stable of any TV stand I have ever had. It went together quickly and is solid as a rock. I wish it could tilt forward a bit as well as from side to side, but otherwise I like it very much.

    Be aware the HDMI jacks are in the side and close to the edge of the TV. If you don’t want to see cable sticking out from the side of your 7600, then get some right angle HDMI cables. Speaking of HDMI, I have noticed the HDMI Handshake time is VERY quick compared to any other TV’s I have owned. It ‘plays nice’ with all my other equipment, including an iScan Duo and Oppo BDP-93.

    ON to the testing and my initial conclusions!

    The first thing ANYONE want to know is “HOW DOES IT LOOK” ?? Right out of the box the 7600 gives you a pretty good picture and after even the most basic calibration for contrast, back-light and brightness levels you can dial in a real jaw dropping image! I started with Digital Video Essentials for my rough adjustments and then moved on the the Speer and Munsil Blu Ray for more precise settings. For the technically challenged I would recommend the Disney Worlds of Wonder Blu Ray for easy and effective basic calibration. Detail is noticeably enhanced from my LE5400 as are color accuracy and screen uniformity. Bothersome flash-lighting has almost been eliminated with just VERY small amounts peaking out the corners when no program material is being viewed. Truly, it hard to believe this 7600 is edge lit at times and it’s performance is more than adequate to satisfy anyone other than the totally hard core purist that will tolerate NO flash-lighting. Motion handling is smooth and not artificial looking. I used Star Wars, Star Trek , and Lord of the Rings all on Blu to put this to the test. While no current LCD/LED television can do motion as well as a top grade plasma or the Sharp ELITE, this is so close to being there that I can happily live with it and not suffer any buyer remorse. The more I watch, the more I have come to believe that motion is rendered so close to perfect that any real world improvement would be negligible for most viewing conditions.

    Unless you can afford a fully backlit LED set with full local dimming, this TV can give you the best picture for your dollar. It is bright, sharp, detailed and pops. The LED Plus DOES make a huge difference, coming from the LE5400.

    I was just watching a PAL Columbo DVD (an old 1971 episode) and was thinking to myself about how great this TV can handle standard DVD resolution. A good trick is to engage the Mpeg Noise reduction to the “LOW” setting (found in the Picture options sub menu) and make sure your super resolution is turned on. I have been able to get near HD results from standard DVD’d doing this. Great digital tool box in this TV and at no extra charge!

    Bottom line for PQ? I AM TOTALLY STOKED! If I could afford a new ELITE from Sharp I would buy one, but this LG television is at the top end of my price range and I…

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  2. M. Corvin "Corvinus" says:
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    5.0 out of 5 stars
    Holy Crap!!!, March 26, 2012
    M. Corvin “Corvinus” (Skiatook, Oklahoma) –

    I was walking through Best Buy a couple of weeks ago and the picture on this TV stopped me in my tracks! (seriously.) The Best Buy sales person stated it was running on the store’s 720p satellite, which, if true, was even more stunning! The TV itself is sleek and sexy and minimalist. I love how there is virtually no physical border around the top and sides of the screen which is a great space-saver (you don’t have a 2″ plastic frame around the picture, reducing bulk.

    After getting it home it was packed amazingly and the stand was very sturdy and assembled quite easily. The TV itself was heavier than I thought it would be so it took two people to get it up on the TV stand.

    Generous HDMI inputs as well as an optical and composite for older tech like my older Bose lifestyle home theater. I plan on hooking my new Mac Mini to this as the monitor. DROOL!

    The 3D is very nice and, in my opinion, better than the movie theater. I am not real informed on the differences between passive and active 3D glasses, other than one uses batteries and electronic shuttering and the others are, well, glasses with one side darker than the other. This is a passive TV and things are stunning and the TV comes with 6 pair. Also, if you need extra glasses for a larger group or replacement, the Real-D movie theater glasses work great so just bring a pair home…

    In regards to the on-board speakers, I never use them. If you have a TV this awesome you need a home theater with surround. Kind of like buying a corvette with a 4-cylinder in it. They are unobtrusive but do add to the bulk and weight of the unit and I wish they could be detached.

    The picture was great right out of the box but I have a very keen eye and I knew some adjustments needed to be made. LG has great software and a plethora of adjustment options, some fairly complicated for more advanced users. I would recommend putting the picture type on “vivid”. It will blow your mind! The picture and contrast and color are incredible. I will say that animated features are stunning! Just Stunning. I recommend watching Puss In Boots 3D Bluray and the animated movie “9” on Bluray (non-3D) to see what I am talking about. I watched Tangled on Bluray last night and…wow!

    Other reviewers mentioned “edge flashing” or “bleed” and I have noticed this as well, but only on menus and things, NEVER when it counts, like during a movie. Blacks are inky and nice.

    The magic remote is nice and if you have played a Wii you will be right at home. Overall I feel it works well but needs some accuracy tweaking.

    On-board 2D-3D conversion is pretty cool but not as good as something filmed in 3D.


    ***UPDATE 4-2-2012***

    It’s been about two weeks since my purchase and this TV is still as bad-ass as ever! I’d give it 6 stars if I could!

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  3. Brandon L. McKee "BMAC5000" says:
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    5.0 out of 5 stars
    Great TV…Please Read. I reviewed the 55″ LM6700., March 11, 2012
    Brandon L. McKee “BMAC5000” (Mountlake Terrace, WA) –

    After seeing the LM6700 I went with LM7600 for one reason…the ability to adjust the refresh rate. This is hands down the most aesthetically pleasing television on the market (Samsung a close second). Here is a rating (Out of 5) of all the features that are important to some and ultimately important to most at some point.
    – Design (5)
    – Picture quality out of the box (4.5)
    – Screen (5) Screen is a slight gloss. Not as reflective as most Samsung models
    – 3D (5) Passive technology. Many settings and options for this feature.
    – 2D-3D Conversion (5) gives more depth to your Blu-rays and shows.
    – Smart TV features (4.5) A little slow but good, expected to get better with updates.
    – Magic Motion Remote (4) Fun to use once you get used to it, could be more accurate.
    – Local Dimming (5) Make great black levels with deep contrast.
    – 240hz True Motion (5) Many setting for this feature.
    – Edge-lit (5) Could not tell that this tv was edge lit, very deep contrast.
    – Game mode (5) No sign of lag when playing MW3 online. Takes time to adjust the setting but worth it.
    – 3D Glasses (5) 6 pairs of passive glasses. Light weight, doesn’t require batteries, great value
    – Price (5) It pays for itself because it will keep you home and not at the theatre

    For the record, I was never an LG fan. I purchased this set so its worth taking a look people. Now I have one last thing to say, If your a Television maker and your name starts with an “S” its your move…… Thanks for your Time!

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