LaView LV-KDV0404B5B-500GB D1 RealTime 4 Channel DVR w/ 4 x 520TVL Camera & 500GB HDD-Remote Access via Internet & SmartPhone

Expand Your Security:

Feel protected with LaView LV-KDV0404B5B-500GB 4 Channel DVR with Remote Freedom and 4 x 520 TVL Day/Night Black Bullet Cameras. Monitor different areas simultaneously for longer periods of time on the pre-installed surveillance 500GB hard drive with the indoor/outdoor night vision cameras. Personalize your DVR and schedule manual or motion signals to activate it to record. The DVR has impressive recording and playback capabilities with the H.264 video compression.

Pre-installed 500GB Hard Drive.Pre-installed 500GB Hard Drive.
View larger Control at Your Fingertips

Simply connect to the internet, then use the free LaView Live app for 3G Smartphones or LaView HD for Apple iPad to view live video anytime, anywhere. The user-friendly interface and functions have been designed to help you feel secure wherever life takes you. You can custom set email alerts to notify you when motion is detected. With each device you can view one or all of the cameras at the same time.

Simultaneously View and Record All Cameras

With 4 high resolution 520TVL cameras included, you can receive optimal coverage of multiple areas of your business or home all at once. This system offers D1 resolution displaying larger images than the common CIF. With a greater viewing area and playback resolution, it’s the better solution in protecting your business or home.

Save Time, Save Space, Record Longer

LaView proudly uses Western Digital pre-installed 500GB surveillance hard drive that is more efficient and more reliable. Surveillance HDD produces lower heat and can run twenty four seven. With H.264 compression, it allows more storage space for long term protection.

Intuitive Interface

Set up your surveillance system easily with our Quick Start Guide. The intuitive interface is designed to help you plug and forget. It’s easy to install with a user-friendly menu. Feel safe and secure that footage will be readily available for you to view, record, and playback anytime, anywhere.

24pcs of IR LEDs Bullet Camera24pcs of IR LEDs Bullet Camera Day and Night Protection with Infrared LED Vision

Automatic infrared LED technology allows you to monitor your business or home 24/7. The infrared LEDs activates when it’s dark or low light to display black and white night vision capability up to 50 feet. High resolution 520 TVL sensors provide clear images, even in the dark.

All in One Complete Surveillance System 4 Channel DVR with High Resolution Live View, Record, and Playback.Highly Efficient H.264 Dual-Stream Video Compression that Reduces File Sizes Without Compromising Image Quality. Full D1 Real Time Experience (30 frame per second) Provides High Resolution Clear Images. 4 X High Resolution 520TVL Weather Proof Camera with 24 IR LEDS Provides Excellent Night Vision up to 50 Feet.Live View & Playback on Smartphones & Mobile Devices with Free Apps.

Product Features

  • DVR provides clear image quality with full D1 Real-time recording.
  • 4 High Resolution Cameras Offer More Coverage and Viewing Area with 3.6mm Fixed Lens for Indoor/Outdoor Use
  • Connect to VGA, BNC, or HDMI monitor for higher resolution options.
  • Free LaView apps for live view and playback on Smartphone devices.
  • Each camera offers 24 IR LEDs technology that sees up to 50 ft. in the dark.

3 responses to “LaView LV-KDV0404B5B-500GB D1 RealTime 4 Channel DVR w/ 4 x 520TVL Camera & 500GB HDD-Remote Access via Internet & SmartPhone”

  1. M. Geller "MAG" says:

    A lot of bang for the buck 0

  2. Allen Hensel says:

    Great complete DIY home security and surveillance. 0

  3. randy maples says:

    Does not meet the selling points. Not really sure why my system does not seem to work like other reviewers state. Night vision is useless after 10 feet, outside, and no one would ever be able to make out a face. Motion detection only works within 9 or 10 inches of camera, outside, at night. Selling points state that IR goes to 50 ft. Mine will pick up a reflection in car light at that distance but no person would ever be seen. My spotlights pick up and turn on with movement at 45+ feet away, in the dark. This system will not. I have a hand held night vision scope that runs off a 9v battery that is 10 times better than this IR system. The motion detection is useless in the dark and IR will only show a face at 10 feet or less, any further than that and it is just a body moving, but if set to motion detect, higher setting, unless they wave their hand within 10 inches, it, the system, will never turn on. This was a gift so I will deal with it. I would never recommend to anyone to buy this product as mine does not do what…

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