Bose CineMate 15 Home Theater Speaker System, Black

The simplest soundbar system from Bose. Dramatically improving your TV sound doesn’t have to be complicated. The CineMate 15 system delivers the sharp, full audio you’ve been missing, with deep bass you may have never heard from TV before–all from a compact soundbar and hideaway Acoustic mass module. How does a soundbar no longer than a ruler create such a wide soundstage? The four-element speaker array inside works with Bose TrueSpace signal processing to spread sound well beyond the speaker itself. The effect is more like being in a theater, immersed in the action. And if you’re playing a video game, the virtual world becomes even more real. While the system fills the room with sound, it takes up very little space. The soundbar fits right in front of your TV and connects with just one cable. Your other components can stay put and connected as is. And the Acoustic mass module can be conveniently placed out of sight. Practically no impact on your room. But the way you experience TV will be forever changed. While you’re enjoying the newfound clarity and spaciousness the CineMate 15 system brings you, you’ll also notice something entirely new–sounds you can feel. From the pulsating rhythm of a bass guitar to the dramatic effects of an action movie, you’ll finally discover the low notes your HDTV couldn’t come close to reproducing. All from a hideaway Acoustic mass module you can place almost anywhere in the front of your room, even behind furniture. The universal remote is likely the only remote you’ll need for all your sources-Blu-ray Disc player, cable box and more. It’s easy to program and easy to use, and it reduces remote clutter. Included: Soundbar (with attached speaker cable), Acoustic mass module, Power cord, Digital optical cable, Analog cable and Universal IR remote with 2 AA batteries.

Product Features

  • Full, impressive TV sound that spreads well beyond the soundbar itself
  • Deep bass from the Acoustic mass module that brings movies, TV shows, sports and video games to life
  • Soundbar fits easily in front of TV and connects with just one cable
  • Easy-to-use universal remote controls TV, cable box and more
  • Multiple audio inputs: choice of digital optical, coaxial and analog

2 responses to “Bose CineMate 15 Home Theater Speaker System, Black”

  1. R.D. Monsoon says:

    Better sound than you’ll ever get from your TV but pricey I’m going to review this product through the lens of its intended use: a space saving speaker. I say that because it’s not meant to deliver audiophile sound, but provide better sound than you’ll get from your TV speakers without taking up much space (and I say that as someone who owns a 5.1 surround sound system with floor standing speakers).Size: Assuming that your TV is elevated about an inch or so by its stand and that the rim around the screen is also an inch or two, The mono speaker is short enough that if placed in front of your TV it should not block the screen. But you should still measure everything before buying.Sound: Not surprisingly it’s a big step up from the speakers on your TV. I tested it on a mix of TV shows with lots of dialogue, music competition shows, and movies. Sound was warm and crisp, with good bass response from the woofer. Simply put, it’s results in a much more pleasurable viewing experience than you’ll ever get with TV…

  2. FirePepper Red "firepepper red" says:

    Excellent System For Audiophiles; Others May Be Satisfied With Systems That Are 1/3 The Price Let’s get the negative point out before we go anywhere else with this review, the Bose Cinemate 15 is expensive. There I said it. $600 is a lot of money to spend on a soundbar with a subwoofer. If you are not an audiophile and are not overly picky with your sound then you can get a lot more features, functions, and similar sound from a system that costs 1/3 the price of this system. Now if you are picky about your sound and crave the best home theater experience in the smallest possible package then this is well worth every penny. The audio reproduction is incredible and the bass is something you can feel not just hear. The setup is incredibly simple and while the subwoofer is very large, the soundbar is small enough to not detract from your living room. The small soundbar is able to project sound in multiple directions so every seat in your living room has a great auditory experience. If you are an audiophile, the Bose Cinemate 15 Home Theater System is simply amazing…

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