Watch live video streaming and YouTube through XBMC!!! Delivers Android on TV in stunning full HD. Lets you install your favorite apps directly from the Play Store. Plays full-screen games in 3D smoothly with its ARM Dual Cortex A9 1.6ghz Microprocessor and Quad core Mali400 graphics processor. Delivers the web in a high definition experience that the entire family will enjoy. Stay connected with all of your favorite social networking sites. You could even plug in a flash drive or simply use xbmc and watch movies and home videos in FULL 1080p HD. Download free productivity apps from the Play Store and work from your couch!!! Developers can build the next greatest apps on an Android all in HD platform! So what are you waiting for!? Did you miss another important episode of the Walking Dead ?…Well not anymore!!! Our box now records and stores all the popular TV shows into the cloud so that way your box will NEVER RUN OUT OF SPACE!!! Oh and did we mention it comes with *ADULT CHANNELS* (Optional for removal) Note: The words “ATV” & “XBMC” are no longer imprinted on the unit.

Product Features

  • FREE UNLIMITED MOVIES FOR LIFE IN DVD / HD / AND 3D!!! (Watch ANY Movie Your Heart Desires)
  • FREE COMPLETE TV SERIES!!! (All TV Shows Are Available instantly)
  • FREE PPV!!! (That’s RIGHT!!! Absolutely NO contracts and NO monthly payments)


  1. PoeticInspiration says:

    Not satisfied The remote is horrible, therefore that makes the whole experience bad. A better instruction guide with larger writing should have been written. When I go to netflix I am not able to click on the movie icon to watch that particular movie, I guess I have to type in the name which takes up too much time when you can see the icon of the movie below the free text search line. I feel like it was a waste of my money. I could have just used the streaming on my kindle for Amazon movies and netflix. I have yet to figure out the advantage of this product. Again, the remote sucks so bad that I had to mention this again. Navigation to select icons is so frustrating. If this product allowed you the option to select icons or free text search with ease, it would probably be ideal but not being able to select icons really makes this not worth the trouble on top of the fact that the instructional manual was not that great explaining more about the product, how to easily find what you are…

  2. Leo Pena says:

    Very easy to use 0

  3. Jim D. Farmer says:

    Left me dizzy and with a headache 0

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